Bonumose is a start-up food ingredient manufacturer. We use the natural power of enzymes to develop and produce naturally-occurring ingredients in commercial-scale quantities that would not otherwise be cost-effective or sustainable. From traditional grain crops we can make healthy and delicious ingredients for foods & beverages, beneficial additives for animal feeds, soil inputs for plant health, and pharmaceuticals.

The first product we are scaling up is tagatose, a rare, natural, healthy sugar. Unlike sucrose and high fructose corn syrup, tagatose is low-glycemic (does not raise blood sugar levels), low-calorie, and non-cariogenic (does not cause tooth decay). Beyond not being harmful to health, tagatose actually provides positive health benefits: it is an effective prebiotic (good for gut health), blocks adsorption of sucrose and starch, is clinically-proven to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics, contributes to a feeling of satiety, and breaks up dental biofilm.

Even better, tagatose is nearly indistinguishable from sucrose in terms of taste and food functionality. And it blends very well with high intensity sweeteners such as stevia.

Tagatose currently is available from other producers, but it is expensive. The proprietary process we are scaling up makes tagatose affordable for widespread use in a variety of foods, beverages and snacks. For more information, see our Twitter page, contact us, or view our FoodBytes San Francisco 2017 presentation. Tagatose: good news about good sugar.